Vinod: My Obligatory Apple Tablet / iSlate predictions

[Update after the release]

Welcome iPad!. For now it sounds strange and not as good as iSlate or even iTablet. But that is what it is. So let us see how did I fare on my predictions! :-

1) I got it right. Apple calls themselves a ‘mobile company’ and iPad is a device between the iPhone and MacBook officially. +1

2) Obviously correct. +1

3) Correct. +1

4) eBooks and Magazine are both in! – 0

5) Keyboard is not 3D. and the Interface is same as iPhone too. – 0

6) Got it right. +1

7) MobileMe Cloud sync is not happening yet. -1

8) iPhone app compatibility is assured. +1

9) Still have to sync using USB :( -1

10) HTML5 widgets are supported over Safari and homescreen shortcuts.+1

11) All the games I saw during the event looks promising. We have to see the future success of it. – 0


Ok. Here are my ‘obligatory’ Apple Tablet / iSlate predictions :-

  1. iSlate would be a companion device to MacBook/iMac. Kind of a second screen – which is more mobile.
  2. Users stream Music, Video, Photos, PodCasts, Magazines from iTunes to iSlate
  3. Users carry iSlate around the home as a portable media player and use it as a photo frame
  4. Steve Jobs will teach us a lesson or two on ‘Candela’ and make us believe that an LED backlit glossy iSlate is better for reading than e-Ink – before announcing NYT & WSJ partnership on e-newspaper delivery ;).  Books will have to wait.
  5. iSlate will sport a 3D Soft keyboard/hand writing input method. I dont think Apple will make a ‘game-ish’ 3D home screen with interactive objects.
  6. The device would come with and without support for a 3G modem and priced/subsidized accordingly
  7. iSlate 3G will have support for multi-party iChat video conferencing
  8. The iSlate will seamlessly sync all of your iPhone applications and their respective data over the air through MobileMe.
  9. iSlate will introduce wireless syncing with the iTunes for the first time.
  10. Developer support will include native HTML5 widgets apps to begin with.
  11. iSlate will be the perfect portable gaming device ever created.

I will definitely revisit this list after the announcement on January 27th, 2010. :)

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