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Record the Outdoor Activities of Shenzhen Branch in 2019
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On August 17, it was sunny and windy. The beautiful scenery of Guanlan in Shenzhen was broken by a burst of passionate songs. The outdoor picnic and outreach activities organized by the Powtran are about to take place. The employees are dressed in the company's cultural shirts, each with a grand appearance and a full face of smiles.

Overview of activities

[Activity theme]

One-day Interactive Leisure Tour with Picnic and Interesting Activities

[Place of activity]

Kowloon Ecological Park, Guanlan District, Shenzhen

[Activity time]

17 August 2019

The fun picnic has begun.

Interactive Project: Private Food Competition

1. Material acquisition (catching chickens, fish, firewood, killing chickens and killing fish according to division of labor)

2. Private Kitchen Show

3. Taste the "classic" private dishes after awarding the prize.

Expanding Splendid Moments

The outdoor training activities were successfully finished, and staff said that no matter how many knots we have on the road to work, as long as we can unite as one, no difficulties can stop our progress. It is also through this activity that colleagues can work together and leave a good impression of mutual trust and assistance. 

In each training project, we are moved by our teammates and ourselves. We are proud of our team and ourselves. We silently urge ourselves: when we encounter difficulties in our future life and work, as long as we dare to challenge and face them, and believe in the strength of the Powtran family , there will be no insurmountable gap, no insurmountable difficulties, and we can not give up under any circumstances. Responsibility, we believe we will create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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