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How to unlock the Kindle Global Wireless Browsing

Well, It’s not really a software hack!. I have a simple trick to completely ‘unlock’ the Kindle 2 Global Wireless options even while using in India / other restricted countries.

Unlocked Kindle 2 Features:-

  • Complete browsing experience
  • Ability to buy any books available on Kindle Store

Here is how you ‘unlock’ the Kindle:-

  1. Keep Two Amazon accounts
  2. Using one purchase a $20/$50 Amazon Gift Card.
  3. Then top-up one of second Amazon account using the Gift Card
  4. Register you kindle to use this Amazon Account.
  5. Try to buy a Free Kindle E-book.
  6. During this process, Change the “1 Click Buy Settings”, put a random USA address with correct PIN Code in the shipping details. This does not matter, as nothing physical will ever be shipped!
  7. Thereon you will have a complete unlimited / unlocked Kindle experience!

What it does:-
The new Amazon account will be interpreted by Amazon as that of a Kindle Owner based out of USA, but on a long trip to India!. Hence the web browsing and unlimited Kindle store buying experience are available for this person (Free of Cost).

Will it be problematic?
If ever Amazon complaints that, you are trying to download/browse from a different country than USA, get any of your friends in USA to Fax them his identity information. OR alternatively you can change the address to your Indian address. Your purchased book should remain and that should solve the problem.  I sincerely hope Amazon does not block this alternative option – as it helps genuine Amazon Kindle users and book Buyers. I personally use this method not to browse, but to buy Kindle Books not available for India.

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  1. Hi! Vinod,

    I actually just used a legit US address for a company that I represent here and did not buy a gift card at all. Has worked from day 1 of having the Kindle. I don’t think Amazon would actually even think of closing this, since it is a genuine need for its customers. If I am physically in a different location, I should be able to get content based on that location.

    Its a good tip though.


    • carolina carolina

      i have a question i’m trying to do the same thing but i dont get if your are only using one account why do you need to keep two accounts?

  2. Sushil Kumar Gupta Sushil Kumar Gupta

    Even after trying above 6 steps i am unable to unlock Kindle. Could you kindly guide me further what is to be done.

  3. Anne Anne

    unable to use my kindle, its as if everything is locked, or jammed. anyone any suggestions on how to rectify

  4. Angela Angela

    I am looking to purchase a Kindle for our exchange student, but not sure if he will be able to use it when he goes back to Germany. Does anyone know?

  5. junior junior

    hola tengo amazonkindle y tiene contraseña sabe alguien como desbloquear la contraseña

  6. Kalyan Mukherjee Kalyan Mukherjee

    My kindle I just started to use it for about a week. It was working fine. But suddenly it was not making on even after charging it fully.I do not know how to solve this problem?
    If anybody is helping me by way of advice I shall be grateful.
    Kalyan Mukherjee

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