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by Vinod on 10/28/2008

I am taking this opportunity to recommend the services of a Product Releases and News Items Resources Site – Gadget Advisor.

Upon some quick browse over the site, I found interesting posts on some of the Best extensions for Firefox. Though most of which were the ones  I’m already using, the Google Cache Checker Firefox extension was a new find!.


This extension helps you see if a particular web page is cached by Google in their servers or not. This might be useful to quickly lookup the Google Cache information, when you cannot find the original information that you were looking for in the actual webpage.

The promise of the site is to publish hand-picked items to be the "best of the best" resource for computer hardware, software (for e.g like the Blaze Media Pro review), gadgets, and technology news. So don’t forget to checkout this interesting new resource site yourself.

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