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How to Sync Microsoft Outlook Tasks with iPhone and get Reminders

Apple conspicuously did not provide any Task Management application for the iPhone, even with the latest firmware updates. For some, the default ‘Notes’ application itself provided a simpler way to manage tasks. There was expectations of iPhone featuring a default Task Management application with the MobileMe launch. But that did not happen either. Fortunately, with the AppStore featuring plenty of native Task Management applications, the void has been filled perfectly. One specific Task Management Application which I bought was ToDo by AppiGo. Interestingly You can setup ToDo to Sync perfectly with the Microsoft Outlook too.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

First download and install the ToDo app on your iPhone through AppStore. Setup synchronization with the ToodleDo Service. Download the ToodlDo Sync Application and run it along with Microsoft Outlook. Automatically all your tasks will be synced across the iPhone, Cloud and Outlook.


Getting Task Reminders on iPhone!

Presently, Apple iPhone SDK does not provide for running background notification services. Hence by default ToDo will not be able to give Tasks reminders. But there is a simple way out!. You can automatically sync the dated Outlook tasks as a Outlook Calendar Entry using TaskToCal ($19.95). Thereon You get timely reminders of your ToDo’s!

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  1. rob mata rob mata

    perfect! Just what i was looking for. Got it to work as expected in about 15 minutes!

  2. does this work with mac mail and iCal also?

  3. Stephen Stephen

    The Toodledo Outlook plugin worked great for me, but I couldn’t get TaskToCal to set a reminder in the calendar. It synchronized the tasks to the calendar, but it didn’t set the reminder, so I’m not notified at the appropriate time.

    I talked to support at TaskToCal, and they said it doesn’t set the reminder in the calendar on purpose because you would get two reminders in Outlook and that would be an annoyance.

    Is this your experience too? How did you get it to work for you?

  4. Stephen Stephen

    They just came out with a new version of TaskToCal that automatically sets the reminder in the calendar. So now I automatically get reminders for all my tasks in my calendar!

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  6. Dominic Walshe Dominic Walshe

    Unless I’m missing something, this does not work as the article implies. “Download the ToodlDo Sync Application and run it along with Microsoft Outlook.” How? I have ToDo as a stand-alone app on my iPhone. There does not appear to be any connectivity between it and ToodleDo (as it is spelled in the dialogue box that appears when you move your cursor over the icon) Sync and/or Outlook. Also, rather annoyingly, the ToodleDo Outlook Sync program dialogue box interrupts each time it seeks to retrieve information, and it created duplicate tasks when I tried to sync tasks with more than one computer. I content that this isn’t filling perfectly the iPhone task management the void. Help!

  7. Stephen Guine Stephen Guine

    I think you missed the part about ToDo Sync.

  8. Mark Mark

    This didn’t work for me, either. It synced only SOME of my tasks, and couldn’t figure out a pattern as to why it chose the ones it did. It also doesn’t handle recurring tasks. I’m still looking…

  9. Marty Hopkins Marty Hopkins

    Help! I know it’s been a while since this posting, but I just got my iPhone on Monday and I’m desparate to get my tasks on it. I followed the directions about downloading the ToDo application & I did the Toodle stuff also, but when I sync I don’t get my tasks from Outlook. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  10. Thanks for the update man … It was good

    Keep writing such good stuff


  11. FliqiPhone FliqiPhone

    the new missing sync for iphone, with free Fliq apps (Fliq Docs, Fliq Notes) works! I just downloaded it and the fliq apps (which dynamically support the synching) and synchronized my notes from iPhone to my mac, and transferred over wifi docs like my PDFs and Word files from the mac to my iphone so I can read them on the train to/from work. Thanks MarkSpace!

  12. CD CD

    This just made my life a whole lot easier.
    Very good application.
    I installed it on my computer and my assistant, so we can update each other on task to be completed.

  13. Doug Monett Doug Monett

    Help anyone? When I do the initial run of the Toodledo Sync Tool on my laptop, entering my Unique Id and password, the test gives ‘Authentication Failed’ everytime. Any suggestions?

    • Andrew Grant Andrew Grant

      You have to use the Unique ID that is located in Account Settings when you log onto the Free web account

  14. Another alternative is to use Google Calender with Google Calender Sync that work on most Java phones. Simple, no need to Windows/Outlook

  15. steve steve

    So basically you give someone else all of your email accounts, content and information and in return you get to read it on your IPhone. I don’t get where this is a good or an exciting thing

  16. Art Art

    I looked at the AppiGo website. It seems that it will only Sync with Apple computers. I have a windows computer (Vista). Someday I may get a Mac; but I don’t have one now and need to get my tasks. The comments above do not distinguish between Mac/PC; but the AppiGo website does. Is there any hope I can get my tasks from Outlook to my iPhone?

  17. Jeff Jeff

    It works for me, and rather well. Using Windows XP and Outlook 2003. Syncing with ToDo and Toodledo. No duplicates. Works great


      Jeff or Anyone, I downloaded everything like before mentioned. Will it actually pull my tasks from Outlook or do I need to reenter everything into this program. If so it kind of defeats the purpose. I have XP by the way.

  18. Jeff Jeff

    Todo sync runs in you tray, and it has a few options for which you can set how things sink up. I think it can be set to automatically sync on a schedule, but I just hit the manual button once a day, and todo sync will sync up outlook and toodledo in seconds. Been using this for about a month now, no duplicates or erroneous deletions, it just works. I don’t know if this makes a difference or not, but I use a local outlook pst file, my tasks don’t sit on an exchange server.

  19. Stuart Cracraft Stuart Cracraft

    How does this application download/upload its
    tasks to the Microsoft Outlook Exchange server
    via the PC client?

    Does the PC client have the address of the
    Exchange server?

    What if it is blocked from inside the Intranet
    of the company (I don’t know that we are, just
    suggesting a scenario…)


  20. Bruce Bruce


    Installed this and it worked fine at first. I am getting the tasks copying themselves with the Outlook sync. I started by manually syncing then as it was due to sync another copy of the tasks appeared. Any thoughts?



  21. Daja Phillips Daja Phillips

    Your post on how to move tasks/to-dos to the iPhone from Outlook was very helpful. Gold star for you!

  22. Not Happy! Not Happy!

    None of the above works for me.
    I don’t want my calendar & tasks in the cloud at all.
    I just want to sync Outlook tasks on a Windows PC direct with iPhone via USB cable.
    Surely that is not too much to ask.
    This has been a dead simple proedure on Nokia and Windows Mobile phones for years.
    Has Apple been living under a rock?

    • Stuart Cracraft Stuart Cracraft

      It’s the rest of the world that’s been living under
      the rock except for the Tasks/Todo/Notebook area
      of Apple which is under not just a rock but a boulder,
      perhaps a moutain. While 3rd party apps exist,
      Apple never provided it, in going with their “home
      style computer” approach which has held them back
      from business acceptance for their MacBook and iPhone,
      both immensely superior devices to non-Apple equivalents
      on average.

    • Iphone user frustrated Iphone user frustrated

      Hi Not Happy !

      Same as you, I was expected simple outlook task sync by USB cable (same as my palm or nokia phone) Since I already got cell cervice provide by my cie, I do not want pay for data service as a extra. If you found a way to do this sync between outlook task and iphone, let me know…. I will probably resell my iphone to get a blackberry … to bad ..

  23. neal neal

    Hi Stuart,

    did you figure out microsoft exchange server? I have no idea as to sync the iphone its asking for ports and IP addresses.

    Is it right that everyone else is syncing to their own PCs rather than a push mail type thing??

    any help is much appreciated

    • zig zig

      Sorry I don’t have access to MS Exchange server, so cant help you with that.

      The point I was trying to make was that I want to sync tasks direct to Outlook on my PC via USB to avoid paying exhorbitant data charges to my mobile carrier.
      It seems Steve Jobs & Co have decided we have no choice but to line the pockets of the Telcos.

    • Stuart Cracraft Stuart Cracraft

      Yes – for a time I used the iPhone, successfully, with the Microsoft Exchange Server at the office.

      It was a good productivity-enhancer and was worthwhile.

      Later, the company disconnected the MES for non-Blackberry devices…

      You know the story…

  24. Stuart Cracraft Stuart Cracraft

    My company disconnected its servers for all
    but Blackberry devices (which I wouldn’t own.)

    So, as a result, I’m now used to be giving a lower level of service
    as to prior.

  25. RG RG

    It really bothers me that there is not a single app that solves this matter.
    I live on these tasks, they are a life saver for those who are Outlook depended and dont use exchange either.


    • Aimee Aimee

      Hey, RG: Did you find a solution yet? if so, please let me know — I live by tasks, too…..I carry a Blackberry and iPhone now…..which is just ridiculous!

  26. JU JU

    I love most things with the iphone, but missing a working task manager with good sync to outlook/exchange is so serious that im gonna give it to one of my kids and find another mobile phone.

    USB connection to sync would be fine.
    Too bad really

    • Zig Zig

      Like Ju, I will probably give my iPhone to one of the kids too.
      Repeating tasks doesn’t work. They either disappear altogether or duplicate themselves.
      Looking at the HTC Touch HD2 which is supposed to be released here on 18th January.

  27. Jeff Jeff

    I’ve had better success w/ keeping my tasks updated w/ the iPhone than with my former windows mobile device. I can enter tasks via Outlook, iphone, or web interface and it all syncs seamlessly. I can even add to my wife’s task list which syncs up to her iPhone. I’ve had no issues using the methods described above, and since it syncs via the cloud I no longer have to fight the USB/bluetooth connection issues I always seemed to have w/ windows mobile.

    Toodledo for tasks
    Mobilenoter for notes (syncs w/ microsoft Onenote on the pc)
    Pocket Informant for the calendar

    With these apps, I can keep track of practically everything I need w/ the iPhone.

    • Terry Terry

      Jeff; are you using the free or paid Toodledo service? I just purchased PI and not happy that the WDS is not working… Can you outine your process for syncing between Outlook and iPhone for us.


      • Jeff Jeff

        Here’s what works for me (and why I run it this way).

        I use the ToodleDo sync (Version tool listed above along with the free toodledo service, but paid the few $ for the iPhone app. Although Pocket informant has a task manager as well, I prefer the toodledo app. I’ve also setup a launchy script for adding tasks to toodledo using command line interface via my laptop. As for setting this up, I didn’t do anything special. I’m running XP sp2, Outlook 2003 SP3. My calendar/tasks/emails are stored on a Personal Folders file, locally on the pc. I simply installed the toodledosync tool, and run the manual sync once/day. On the “synchronization” tab, everything is enabled except auto sync and ignore existing completed tasks.

        There are actually new versions of the tool that apparently fix some of the issues mentioned here, I just haven’t upgraded because I haven’t had any problems w/ it (don’t fix what isn’t broken).
        I would see the help page if you’re having problems:

        My work calendar is in Outlook, but I have multiple personal calendars that are in Google calendar. Since Outlook 2003 doesn’t support multiple calendars as well as 2007, I use SyncMyCal (outlook plugin) to sync multiple google calendars into “categories” in outlook. That way, my entire calendar (work + personal) is in outlook and google calendar, but I can filter based upon the Outlook categories when I only want to see certain calendars only. If categories weren’t so important, then Google has a sync tool that will bring outlook and gcal together.

        Now that the entire calendar is in gcal, regardless of what tool used to get it there, then it’s simple enough to set up pocket informant to sync up w/ gcal. Sounds like alot of steps, but once it is setup it’s seamless. I have complete access to all of my calendars via iPhone, gcal, and Outlook, plus my wife and I can see/edit each others calendar (gcal and iPhone).

        Onenote on the PC (much preferred over evernote) and Mobilenoter on the iPhone, syncing thru cloud (wi-fi available as well).

  28. Philip Philip

    I get duplicate tasks constantly.

  29. Marit Marit

    Can anyone tell me, by using task to call, if the tasks are shown in a seperate agenda or in the same agenda as your appointments?

    • The Tasks are shown as appointment in the same agenda as your appointments. You can add a prefix to your tasks if you want.

  30. Josep Josep

    After 1 month and a half of Iphone, I’m fed up. It’s not an smartphone. For those who came from Nokia it’s just like a step back. It’s amazing that we can’t syncronize the tasks. Incredible… unbelieveable, which solution do they give us? Even I would accept to change Outlook for another program, but they just have let us abandoned. Not funny.

    • Zig Zig

      I agree Josep.
      The iPhone is only a pretend smartphone. An Ipod trying to be a smartphone and failing miserably.
      For business productivity my old Nokia was light years ahead of iPhone.
      Since my previous post I have given up on the HTC HD2 as they only have one warranty repairer in this country and forums indicate this is a major problem.
      I’m now looking at getting a Nokia N900 Maemo.

      • Lee Lee

        I agree…I like the iPhone overall, but this feels like banging my head against a wall… Just want to sync with Outlook tasks via USB. Should be the simplest thing in the world…Windows Mobile and I’m pretty sure Android can do it easily with no hassle or the need to buy 50 additional apps. WHY?

  31. Stuart Cracraft Stuart Cracraft

    Zig – I disagree with you.

    The iPhone is a significant device.

    If you lived in Orange County, California,
    I would give you a personal demo.

    Have you ever been given a demo by someone?
    (not a salesman mind-you.)


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    […] […]

  33. pierre van der deure pierre van der deure

    just purchased Iphone 4 and discovered that it still does not feature native task mgt within the sync with Outlook. Still have to use data connection for non resident task mgt apps which is rather expensive when abroad. this is incredible ! is Apple listening to customers since the first Iphone went out or are they autists ? I’m gonna sell it back and keep my Blackberry Storm. really pissed off…

  34. Dave Dave

    I am looking for an iphone app that enables me to sync to my corporate TASKS in Outlook (mail,calendar work as part of iphone functionality).
    I have tried a few apps but there seem to be issues – possibly blocked by firewal ?
    Does htis app overcome aby firewall issues ?

    • Nate Nate

      Thanks for the link Chris. This was exactly what i was looking for.

  35. George George

    I use Pocket Informant for Tasks in iPhone, needs WebIs for about $6 to be installed on PC to then allow sync with Outlook via WiFi (no need for cloud). Works well, has task notifications & handles recurring tasks.
    PI also has Calendar appointments but I turn off the internal PI calendar and let it use the iOS calendar which then gets synced normally via iTunes (if you leave both PI & iOS calendars on then you get duplicate appointments displayed). I like the PI week (7 day) view, instead of the iOS day or month view.
    Have discovered minor bugs which they fix as they are reported.

    • Casey Casey

      George – I too am using PI, but I am in a corporate environment. Are you in a corporate environment? If so, how do you sync via Wi-Fi?

  36. Franl Franl

    Does this have the “postpone reminder 5…10..15 minutes…1 hour” feature?

  37. Uri Uri

    I am looking to synch notes and tasks from different outlook pst files and I do not want to use the cloud. Do you konw a product that can do this?

  38. Peter Peter

    As Uri, I do not want to use the cloud/any web-page service to sync my calendar and tasks.

    Is there anyway to sync the Outlook calendar and tasks with iPhone just using the connector cable that came with iPhone? (As has been possible with some of the competitors’ phones already for years.)

  39. WM6.1-Lover WM6.1-Lover

    @Peter “Is there anyway to sync the Outlook calendar and tasks with iPhone just using the connector cable that came with iPhone?”

    You can sync the Outlook Calendar to the iPhone through iTunes – but still no tasks…

    I want a simple USB-Sync and not to give my data to the Internet…

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