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LookOut – Microsoft Outlook Search tool, still works

If you are like me, you don’t like filing of emails too much. I just love the Google’s way of ‘Archiving’ the mails and keeping my Inbox Zero and clean. But without a proper Outlook Search tool, this method would be highly impractical. I have been using Microsoft Desktop Search all these while but it took my laptop’s XP to a crawling speed. My outlook data weighs multiple GB’s. So I was in the market for a better Outlook Search tool. Here is what I found:-

1) I checked out a new Outlook Search Tool – Lookeen – a fresh software which is being frequently updated.   I had a chance to speak up with the developers (from Germany) over FaceBook!. Lookeen on my Outlook seems to do the Job just fine.

2) Google Desktop Search – is just a waste of time. The search results were pointless. More or less it always gave me some generic results. I must admit that before the Windows Desktop Search days, I was a GDS fan.

3) Copernic Desktop Search – Could not handle the size of my Outlook Data I guess. It just vanished in to thin air most of the time. I cannot trust something which crashes this often. CDS was much better in the earlier versions.

4) LookOut – Yeah.. The world has come to a full circle once again. Circa 2004 thingie. LookOut was lightning fast and my favorite. Microsoft took over this tiny tool to make the MSN Desktop Search. Since then, most of us forgot about LookOut. But in these days of bloated Desktop/Outlook search tools, to see something like LookOut – which just does its job – is a rarity. Fortunately MajorGeeks still have a copy of LookOut 1.3 for download. I installed, indexed and was ready to go in just half an hour. Fresh Air!

LookOut works well with my Outlook 2003 install and there are ways to make it even work with Outlook 2007.

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  1. Liz Liz

    I totally agree with you on Google Desktop. I also hate Yahoo’s new desktop search tool. But I love love love Yahoo’s old one – based on x1 – which they now make you pay for.

  2. You should definitely checkout Xobni

    Let me know if you want an invite :)

  3. Thanks Venu. But I’ve already tried Xobni few weeks ago. But it just sank with my Outlook. Uninstalled the next hour!.

  4. Frans Frans

    Lookout is as far as I know the only tool which searches through multiple .pst files and even if they are located on a network server. MS Desktop Search does not have the possibility to search on network drives for archived e-mails and files. If anyone knows a better tool then I am interested to know.

  5. Xobni is the best so far… but for the first hours or two it makes your system slower. So if you try Xobni, leave the computer running overnight and then try it.

    It really works well.


  6. I agree with the Observations on Xobni. After the private beta, Xobni has improved so much so that – it has become an integral part of my Outlook!

  7. Matt Leucer Matt Leucer

    I ran into this blog today.

    I checked out ParadiS.. thats not software, thats a one day programmers homework! Its a shame to call it software.

    Xobni looks cool, but i have to search my attachments. I think it cant do. Yet?

    Lookeen looks promising..
    Keep you informed

  8. I haven’t deleted an e-mail since 2000. I am using Neo Pro Caelo and can find anything I want.

    Neo Free is fully free – I started with that; now I don’t recall what is left out – I think it is more clumsy in searching across several PST files.

  9. Adam Eker Adam Eker

    I loved Lookout but i am not willing to patch thinks on my customers pcs.

    When it comes to mail search i recommend Its quite simply the most reliable product in the hood.

    cheers adam

  10. Nick Nick

    You should check Xobni or ParadiSearch first. Both are free (unlike Lookeen).

    Xobni gives you much more than only search but it takes a part of the Outlook window for good & takes more space to index the Outlook.

    ParadiSearch just adds the Outlook search feature.

  11. Adam Eker Adam Eker

    A living forum..nice!

    Nick, you are right about the price. But as I told I have >6GB of mail – over networks and public folders (uncached). I tried ParadiSearch – sorry but they are miles away from a professional product. Xobni is very nice for mail – but there is no attachments, no files, no appointments etc.

    In my opinion: They both will charge money if they come out of alpha/beta phase. So why wait for good software – its already there (ok, its $39).

    What do you think?

  12. Nick Nick

    I agree with both.

    Have you tried contacting the people behind Xobni/ParadiSearch regarding the issues you have with their product? All the products (including Lookeen) are new and come from small startups so there’s a chance they will actually implement your comments.

  13. Adam Eker Adam Eker

    Lookeen: Yes. I had a few suggestions regarding search options. They did 50%.. quite ok.
    Xobni: Yes. But they have quite a big todo list in front. I dont see local file indexing there in the future.
    ParadiSearch: No. Its approx. one year behind Lookeen. Since I have my favorite there is no need..


  14. @Adam : What exactly you mean by 50% of search?. I am getting a new laptop next week and planning to have a fresh XP install to boot with!. So all these suggestions should come handy.

  15. Adam Eker Adam Eker

    @Vinod: XP ;-))

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, they do an amazing job with Lookeen!

    I meant 50% of my feature suggestions were implemented already (e.g. including SenderOnBehalfName mail addresses which were important for my boss, group policies etc.).

    When it comes to fast, lean and reliable search, lookeen is my choice – and the best investment i made this year.

    Hope that helps..

  16. Branden Branden

    I’m using the old X1/Yahoo Desktop search on one PC and Windows Desktop Search 4 on another. Never did like google desktop for searching email since it didn’t return a search which could be refined (column sorting, additional searches within fields after initial results). All in all, I prefer X1/YDS since i can search by one term and then type into the field headings to narrow the search. I also like the way the results are narrowed with each key I type. WDS is accurate, though, and handles my 7 PST files well.

  17. Thomas Getter Thomas Getter

    I really LOVE Lookeen! Thanks for the tip Adam! Does anyone know when they will release their version 2.0?

    Best WIshes

  18. Jason Baynes Jason Baynes

    i only have positiv experiences with lookeen and just can recommend it to everybody!

    i tried some other tool like xnobi and windows desktop search too, but wasnt very satisfied with it…xnobi slowed my computer down and both didnt bring me the results i was searching for…
    lookout on the contrary was very good, but doesnt run on vista and outlook 2007…
    then i tried lookeen and just can say its great…really similar too lookout, searchs even through attachments and appointments and the search is really fast and brings the right results!
    For me the best follower of lookout!

  19. desoi desoi

    Brandon mentioned the old X1/Yahoo Desktop Search tool which I’ve been using for ages and love dearly. Unfortunately, I’ve just had my PC upgraded and so have to reinstall everything. Does anyone have the install file for this version by any chance?

  20. Cibersmurf Cibersmurf

    I looked at the 1.3 version workarounds for Lookout and have repackaged it to work for Outlook 2007. We have been using it for >1 year w/o issue. I can post it if somebody gives me a site. Good Luck Searching…Lead, Follow, or Get the @#$%!! Out of the Way.

  21. Jason Doyle Jason Doyle

    I haven´t heard of lookeen…. until two weeks ago ;). I agree that it is one of the best outlook search-tools which you can find at the moment. There is also a video on youtube, check it out:

  22. chris chris

    Lookout is the best option =)
    make sure you archive version 1.3 incase it ever goes MIA

  23. Marc Marc

    I used to use look out, but got a new computer and didn’t reload it. Just did yesterday. It made outlook crash and couldn’t restart it until I repaired outlook and disabled look out.
    I’m running XP and outlook 2003. Any ideas???

  24. Keith Keith

    Lookout is gone, ok once it was great, but now it´s time is over…lookout couldn´t search for docx, xlsx etx. the new file format of office 2007 and that is in a progessive company extremly necessary, because I get a lot of e-mails with attachments in docx format!
    For me Lookeen is the best alternative to Lookout too, very convenient to work with!

  25. Karl Karl


    I actually tested Lookeen, Copernic and Xobni.
    Comparable versions of these tools all cost money, Copernic min. 49$ (Prof), Xobni plus 29.95$ and Lookeen for 39.90$.

    They all do what they should: search for content in Outlook.

    First Xobni:
    The search function is working well, if you click on a mail which has benn sent by a contact, Xobni shows some informations and statistics (also Facebook infos ..)..
    Thats nice, but after a few times more and more nerving. Xobni needs much space on the screen. I had performance-problems, it seems that xobni needs much system ressources.

    Works really good, I recommend to buy the Prof.-Version which coste 49,95$…
    It´s more a desktop search and needs to be started in a extra task, so it´s not integrated in outlook…

    This tool starts within Outlook and needs just little space (it´s integrated in the toolbar).
    Search results are shown in tabs, sorted in groups like “contacts”, “mail”…
    Lookeen has the “shared index” feature, which I a great idea. Open folders or search indexes are added to lookeen by the path they are saved. this saves much time and expands the abilities to search. Also normal folders can be indexed.
    Lookeen costs 10$ less than copernic prof., 39$, and future upgrades are included in this price.

    All in all it´s not easy to come to a decision which tool is the best. Especially for Outlook-searches I recommend Lookeen. Fair price and best search-abilities.
    For doing also Desktop searches Copernic maybe the best option, but with the highest price.

    Hope this will help some people to come to a decision.
    Greets Karl

  26. HantyS HantyS

    I use Lookeen in my Outlook about 1 year and i can only recommend it – great tool!

  27. Noemy Noemy

    I tried lookout before with Outlook 2003 and I recently added to my 2007 Outlook and it works wonderful, like always!!

  28. David David

    I tried Xobni, only to find that Outlook search, though slow, gave more complete results (one query Xobni gave me 13 results, Outlook 17). Maybe I missed some setting in Xobni, but I couldn’t bring myself to rely on it, given those results.

  29. josealbertotop josealbertotop

    Conozco un plugin para Outlook que es muy bueno para encontrar archivos adjuntos, y conversaciónes en Outlook, se llama Lookeen

  30. Try using Irradiant eFiler to file your emails out of Outlook and into your network folders. Its search tool is so quick you’ll forget your emails aren’t still in your Mailbox. Pays for itself in just a few days in time and storage savings.

  31. Nitin Bagai Nitin Bagai

    Ok Xobni is cool only if you are using 2003. For 2007 outlook go for instant search provided by microsoft. Its the best so far. You dont need any additional software to make your outlook 2007 bulky, instant search just provide a search bar.

  32. Update from our Axonic headquater: We will release Lookeen 9 soon! Be prepared…

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