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Upgraded iPhone from v1.0.2 to 1.1.1

My update story got extended further~ from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and then to 1.1.3. Stayed in 1.1.3 for couple of days, but downgraded back to 1.1.2 as it was more stable and feature-rich.

Finally I took the plunge. I was hesitant to update. But after analyzing many ‘ReVirginizing’ threads, I assumed it’s time. Mine was originally an anySIM (old) unlocked 1.0.2 iPhone. The upgrade was not so-smooth also. I had some very scary moments, when the phone refused to restore from the image etc. But finally I was able to successfully upgrade to v1.1.1. This upgrade feels very stable and has a more overall smoother feel. Everything – EDGE, WiFi, SMS, Sensors and Phone are working perfectly. The speaker volume seems louder. The Camera is taking still more better pictures now.  The new WiFi music Store is easy to navigate and I think I would sometime purchase an album directly from there using my $10 Gift-Card iTunes account :)

There were 4 things to do. Firstly, You have to ‘ReVirginize’ your 1.0.2 phone. Second – You need to do a Firmware Update to 1.1.1 using iTunes. Third – You have to ‘JailBreak’ and then enable OpenSSH  & BSD Sub systems ready on the iPhone. Finally You have to ‘Unlock’ the phone.

I would definitely suggest using the following unBox to unLock Guide. This is a step by step guide and You are almost certain to succeed. Though I would like to add a few extra points based on my experience:-

1. You need to restart after revirginizing.

2. Don’t run right after revirginizing. It would not complete and would simply ‘Fix’ the much required ‘TIFF’ exploit and you won’t be able to JailBreak with any method further. In any case , right after the revirginizing you should do a ‘factory refresh’ through iTunes by using the ‘restore mode’.

2. You have to put the iPhone in ‘Restore mode’ prior to doing the ‘’ method. Just press home and power button for 30-40 seconds continuous and iTunes will prompt you to restore it to factory fresh state.

3. You will be better off having the original AT&T SIM during the restore process. Keep your own non AT&T SIM only during the final Unlock using anySIM1.1p

4. I setup the iPhone as a new device after iTunes recognized it after ‘Restore’. I lost no data as every PIM data was backed up in Microsoft Outlook.

I also would suggest downloading the ROM update file (153 MB ipsw file) and keeping it in the iTune’s Software update folder manually at the same time terminating all the iTunes related system-deamons.

The whole exercise took around 4 Hours for me, but finally I feel it is really worth as the v1.1.1 is fundamentally different from 1.0.2 at the OS level and all the future official 3rd party applications might mandate v1.1.1 as a minimum requirement.

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  1. Sounds like it’s not for the faint hearted but I can understand you holding off on it until now. Nice instructions.. :-)

  2. Abhi Abhi

    Hi vinod,
    I have seen your video of iphone unlocked. Can you please tell me the procedure to unlock the iphone in india.

  3. rahul rahul

    dudes i wanna ask u peoples who owns a iphone,
    can u say me whether u can replace the battery in ur iphone, its immposible because it cannot be done like ipod, and apple says it that the battery life is upto 3 years, and if u rough use like watching video,playing music everytime the the battery will not even stay for one year, it is said that battery can be charged only 300 times after that battery will loose its life , so people after spending 17 ti 20 k on ur iphone is waste , so instesd of buying an iphone u al would have opted for N95, its an amazing phone, it lacks only a 3.5 inch screen and an touch sensors, but apart from that it has everything that an iphone has got, so think before buyin

  4. @Rahul: this whole battery life thing you talked about is not making any sense. The life of any lithium ion battery is dependent on various factors. Though officially you cannot replace the battery yourself, therevare plenty of third party services and battery-jackets which can be used if ever your battery die!. But I am sure that is going to be a few years away:)

    Drawing a comparison between a symbian/ppc phone is ridiculous. You get a world of features with an N95 but less usable than an iPhone. The aesthetics and usability of iPhone can only be understood if you start using one. I have had a long stint already with Palms, Pocket pcs and nokias – but trust me the whole iPhone story is different and promising!

  5. sam sam

    i m frm *#307# not work which we need to jailbreak 1.1.1. So how i can jailbreak 111 firmware? We dont have any call back facility like tht.

  6. @sam
    That is pretty strange. I guess you did not ‘time’ the key presses. If your phone is not 1.1.2 OTB or higher, that hack should work. Let me know how it goes. If you search YouTube, you can even see some demo videos on how to do this.

  7. Sam Sam

    wat u r saying vinod I unable to understand u? How should i crack 111 firmware widout doing any call to network. Means jailbreaking of 111 firmware widout using dial *#307#

  8. sam sam

    111 jailbreak has only one method tht is network calling. in which iphone calls itself but it dont supports india network so, i installed 1.0.2 again, revirginize iphone, repair the baseband and seczone, and unlock using anysim, and my iphone using my sim with my network but when i want to do any type of outgoing it shows “request perform an unknown error” and call ended when i try to call .

    can u tell me abt wat type of error is it and how i can remove it??

    iphone showa proper signals and network name but i unable to do anyoutgoing my problem is this now.
    help me to solve my problem pllzz.

  9. I upgraded from 1.0.2 -> 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 already successfully.
    I think You are doing something wrong. Please make sure that you keep the Original AT&T SIM Card during the upgrade process and just replace it with the India GSM SIM card only at the time of AnySIM unlock.

  10. mrahmand mrahmand

    hi………im livein Bangladesh. im use to iphone its version1.0.2 & its unlock now. so i can update my iphone. so plz can u help me………..or how can unlock my iphone

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