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Reports: TellMe to be bought by Microsoft

What is Tellme?

Tellme helps you find the businesses you need every day. Powering nearly 40% of the US directory assistance (411) calls, Tellme lets you simply say the city, state and business and hear your results.

TellMe-Mobile Features both Voice/SMS enabled search.Apart from this beta product , Tellme claims to be have the world’s best VoiceXML Platform with an already enviable client list.

Today Michael Arrington and Om Malik reported the TellMe sales talks with Microsoft for a whopping $800 Million.

How is it good for Microsoft?

If this were to be real, this would be Microsoft’s 4th largest acquisition. Microsoft is betting heavily on its mobile platform. Mobile Search is going to be a lucrative future opportunity. Yahoo! is already having the first mover advantage with its OneSearch Technology. Google has patented the ‘Voice Search’ technology.

TellMe platform may enable Microsoft to enter the Enterprise Voice enabled CRM-backend Server Software business. Microsoft’s ‘Windows Live Mobile Search’ platform ( already runs on Symbian & WinMO) can be extended further to enhance local search with voice and SMS. Following the Yahoo’s experiments with Yahoo Go! 2.0, Microsoft could also voice enable its other Live Services (Spaces, Mail etc.).

Microsoft is a pioneer in Mobile Voice enabling with its excellent “Microsoft Voice Command“. But that required powerful client capabilities. Tellme is a Server based Voice-Enabling solution.

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