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Today’s Innovations. OpenID,Explode and Jyte

OpenID is gaining tremendous momentum as AOL , Microsoft and Digg announced their support recently.

I wanted to use my own domain name as the OpenID URL and was fortunate to find this instruction by Simmon Willson. You need to just follow the instructions and add the Code in the header.php of your Theme. MyOpenID is a OpenID Server, which provides you the the Service. They even have an affiliate programme which will help you have people logon to your website using OpenID. I have submitted my affiliate request for verification with them.

Jyte is a OpenID claim service. People will verify and recommend your credentials. You can register(with OpenID again) with Jyte and they provide a cool widget which you can embed in your blog. This widget allows people to/notTo vote towards your claim.

Explode is a MyblogLog competitor and it says everything about it. They are said to be spam-proof and functionally better than MyBlogLog.

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